Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are mainly used to provide heat to certain areas. These are very portable and handy devices that can be taken and used anywhere and any place. These heaters are generally used in the areas that are not well insulated such as garages, warehouses or patios.

These heaters utilize pressurized gas and provide heat to the required areas. Propane heaters are self-contained and hence there is no need to apply for separate electricity or gas lines. Utility of propane heaters is not limited to residential purpose only; you can use these heaters for varied purposes.

How The Propane Heaters Work

Propane HeatersPropane heaters come with different varieties and sizes. These heaters are mainly rated by British Thermal Units (BTU) hence the energy output of propane heaters is measured by BTU only.

The consumption of energy of these propane heaters depends on the size of the area. If you are heating a 100 square feet area, then the energy output will be 10,000 BTUs. If the area is large as in garden, then you might need around 200,000 BTUs.

Portable Heaters

Portable heater is one of the common varieties of propane heaters. Portable heaters are very easy to use and transport. These heaters come with attached wheel and a convenient tank of propane gas. Whenever the propane heater is needed to be used, just attach it to the tank and light up with a match stick. No vent or electricity is needed.

Types Of Portable Heaters

There are generally two types of portable heaters. One variety is tall and the other variety is small. The tall variety is called torchiere and it is used on parties, patios, lawns or decks. Torchiere is tall and comes with hooded shield.

The small varieties of propane heaters are just small boxes that can be used as handy in the areas like workshops, garages, shades, etc. These small propane heaters are also called convection heaters or radiant heaters.

Mounting Of Permanent Propane Heaters

If you plan to install propane heater permanently, you can mount it on the wall, ceiling or floor. These propane heaters feature fans that force air component and spreads out the warmness. The heater is connected to an electrical outlet so that the fan gets power to do its job.

To install permanent propane heaters, you need to a building permit. These heaters are large in size and need a vent. While installing a permanent propane heater, you must make sure that the heater is getting enough oxygen to provide uninterrupted service. Propane needs oxygen for burning and hence you must mount the heater accordingly in such a space where it can gather enough oxygen.

Refill Of The Gas

These heaters include a metal tank where the propane gas is stored. According to the size of the propane heaters, the capacity of the tank varies. The tanks are generally portable and can be easily carried to the nearest gasoline station for refilling.