Outdoor Propane Heaters

Outdoor propane heaters have found mass acceptance and the demand of these heaters have immensely increased. Outdoor heaters can be commonly traced on backyard patios or restaurants. These heaters are only meant for using in outdoor areas, not indoors.

Though the outdoor heaters can be used temporarily as indoor heating source but this is highly dangerous and definitely not recommendable. Outdoor propane heaters come with comfortable size but that doesn’t mean that you try to move them. The act can be dangerous.

Outdoor Propane Heaters – There Utility

Outdoor Propane HeatersAs the outdoor propane heaters are portable, they can be easily used in the areas such as outdoor events, patios or construction job sites. Outdoor propane heaters can be availed in various models that release heat by forced air, infrared heating or convection. The utility of these outdoor propane heaters depends on the square footage and output adjustability. These heaters use LP Gas cylinders as the source of fuel supply.

Classifications Of These Heaters

Infrared Outdoor Propane Heaters

Infrared propane outdoors heaters are commonly found in the areas like patios. This is because of the ability of these heaters to spread heat in the blustery conditions. These outdoor heaters come with a reflective cover that transmits heat into the whole encircling area. If you need to heat a small outdoor area, then you can choose a tank top model of infrared outdoor propane heaters.

Propane Convection Heaters

These outdoor heaters are kept on the floor. It works by taking up the heat from the ground releasing the warm air from the top. The convection heaters don’t require any fan to reduce the coldness of the air and increase the heat. You can find these outdoor heaters in garages and warehouses.

LP Gas Forced Air Heaters

These heaters use electricity to heat the surrounding. Heated air is spread by fan at very fast rate. It works like a jet engine. Electric wire is needed for operating the fan and propane fuels the heating constituent. These heaters can do the job at very fast rate and they are mainly used in the garages and warehouses.

Safety Measures To Be Kept In Mind

Outdoor propane heaters have cylinder and they are portable. Thus, you must take the required safety measures to handle these heaters. In the public areas like restaurants, they require many heaters to heat several zones. With so many heaters working simultaneously, it is obvious that there will be emission of intense heat. Thus propane cylinder must be stored for uninterrupted functioning of the heaters.

For safety measures, try to maintain a distance of the heaters of at least six feet from the cylinders. You keep aside the cylinders that you are not using. There must be enough space between the cylinder storage location and the heat source so that the un-used cylinders stay away from the intense heat. Store the unused propane cylinders at least at a distance of 20 feet from the outdoor heater.

Keep the outdoor propane heaters in such position so that there no chances of foot trafficking. These heaters are kept on ground and hence they shall not be placed at any exit point where there are chances of accidental contact with the heater. Use these heaters safely and enjoy the benefits.