Vented Propane Heaters

Vented propane heaters are the perfect choice for those seeking an energy saving appliance to heat up their homes during winter. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient, the vented propane heaters use low energy and heat up your room most efficiently, thus utilizing the most out of the available gas. Above all, these heaters are extremely safe and you can use it easily without any concern.

A vented propane heater includes the following parts:

•    24 Volt control system.
•    Energy Saving Ignition Control (This part is optional. Only specific propane heaters contain this part).
•    Fan time delay switch.
•    Centrifugal cabinet blower (Only some vented propane heaters have this part).
•    Aluminized Steel and Grade Stainless Steel. This is used for heat exchange purpose.
•    A package valve with pressure-regulator.

Vented propane heaters do not emanate any detrimental compounds into the environment during combustion.

The Way In Which A Vented Propane Heater Works

A vented propane heater like most other heating devices, functions using a thermostat. Current is transmitted through the electrically conducting mercury-switch and puts on the heater and at the same time the circulation fan also gets activated, which helps circulate the heat generated from the heater, thus raising the room temperature.

Installation And Uses Of Vented Propane Heaters

As already mentioned above, the vented propane heaters are extremely user-friendly and safe to use. The operation is easy and the maintenance of these heaters is hassle-free. As far as the installation of this appliance is concerned, it is quick and convenient.

Now coming to the uses of vented propane heater, this heater is used for horticulture and agricultural purposes. This heater also has many commercial uses.

Benefits Of Vented Propane Heaters

A vented propane heater has myriads of advantages:

  • A vented propane heater is a great energy saver. Unlike the other conventional heaters, this type of heaters save about 20- 25% of fuel each year.
  • Propane has is obtained naturally and can be utilized in its liquid form, thus making the appliance environmentally sustainable. Regarded as eco-friendly, these heaters do not pass off harmful gases to pollute the atmosphere.
  • The vent of the propane heater possesses sealed fuel collectors which do not allow further combustion and excess air at the time of on-cycle phase.
  • Use of the side wall venting lowers heat loss.
  • Enough ventilation is not necessary and so a vented propane heater can be easily installed in a closed room without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Installation of vented propane heater is easy and you can execute the installation process on your own.

Some Celebrated Vented Heater Companies

There are several companies selling superior-quality propane heaters. Some of the celebrated vented propane heater companies include Modine, Martin, Empire, Bosch and Rinnai. Propane heaters are one time investment. Do, this is also advisable to buy these heating appliances from a well-known brand and trustworthy retailer.