Ventless Propane Heaters

Why use Ventless Propane Heaters? Everyone is familiar with fireplaces and heaters, especially those who live in the countries where temperature is very less. Fireplaces are very attractive as they not only heats up the interior but also increase the appeal of the house.

But, searching, chopping and storing of logs for the fireplaces are lengthy as well as costly process. In such cases, you may try an alternative that is easy to use and less expensive. Ventless propane heaters are perfect choice for that.

Ventless Propane HeatersVentless propane heaters are less expensive because these heaters use propane gas, which is not very costly. Propane gas is also easily available through several manufacturers of gas.

These models are easy to install and can be easily placed at a room corner. There are some models of ventless propane heaters that can be mounted on the wall of your house. Try to go with the models that come with lower BTUs.

Ventless Propane Heaters – Advantages

Ventless propane heaters are handy and feature excellent mobility. If you choose the portable ventless propane heater then you can transfer it from one room to another.

You can also use the heater in your camping tent or RV. The tank for storing gas can be the little movable ones and hence it comes as a great help for those who need to transfer the heater constantly.

Propane gas can be easily refilled in these heaters as the gas is available at the main line supply of your area. You can also use large tanks, directly connected to the heater. For the safety purposes, install the propane tank outdoor and the heater indoor.

Ventless Propane Heaters – Disadvantages

You can plan the propane gas supply to your ventless propane heater in any way you want but you have to ensure that you have vented the room or place properly. Though the name of these heaters is ventless propane heaters but gas heaters are not totally ventless.

For making the device operate smoothly without any shortcoming, enough supply of oxygen is a must that is possible only with proper circulation of air and right ventilation.

Thought ventless propane heaters are excellent products but there is certain health risks associated too. That is why ventless propane heaters are banned in certain parts such as Massachusetts, California and Canada.

The officials have declared this device as unsuitable for usage. This is because the ventless propane heaters make complete use of oxygen that can cause suffocation to those who are inside the room, that’s why its always recommended to have good ventilation.

Apart from that, various processes of combustion may not completely burn the propane and thus there is not just suffocation due to oxygen loss but also chances of inhaling dangerous carbon dioxide too. Not just that, the level of humidity also rises in the room and that promote the growth of fungi and bacteria, leading to severe allergies and diseases.

Hence, if you are planning to buy ventless propane heaters then you should check with the permit issuance sections of your local government.